I am located in Tamworth NSW and travel within the Northern Tablelands to the Mid North Coast, the Hunter Region, and Inland. I am happy to negotiate a fee for travel elsewhere in the state.

My Bespoke Ceremonies

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, but it is sometimes a case of everything thing else being planned out and organised perfectly, and then an average ceremony seems to let it all down. You shouldn’t have to “just accept” a standard delivery of your service. This is your one chance to have everything perfect, so it is my belief that you are entitled to a ceremony which is intimate, unique, personally suited to you both, and a little fun (if not just to keep your guests awake!)

My BESPOKE CEREMONIES are the way to add that little extra WOW to your ceremony, to connect with your family and friends in a fun-filled celebration, whilst ensuring the legal importance and significance of the commitment you are making to each other is upheld. 

I work with you throughout the entire process, really listening to your input and storyline, so we can create the perfect ceremony that reflects who you, as a couple, truly are. So feel free to express yourselves fully! (I’m even prepared to theme dress for the part if required.)

When it’s all is over, and you walk back down that aisle through loud cheers and covered in confetti, ready to celebrate the most important milestone of your lives, I want you to remember your ceremony with as much fondness as the whole of your wedding day. Your dress, your rings, the venue, your family and friends— all, of this forms the essence of what makes your day so special and unique. Your Bespoke Ceremony should be nothing less.

From beginning to end, you can sit back and leave all the finer details to me, including all the official legal documents and paperwork which I will submit for you, so you both can simply relax, enjoy your day, and look ahead to all the wonderful dreams and adventures waiting ahead! Let’s do this together and have a bit of fun along the way!  

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, and I would be honoured for the opportunity to share in your special day. Together we can work to make this day something other than “just acceptable” and “ordinary.” For you deserve nothing but the best!

Celebrant Services

Wedding Ceremonies, Elopements, Legals only.

Getting married is such a personal unique experience, that every wedding I perform is written and planned around you. As the name implies- Bespoke Ceremonies mean that no two weddings are the same, and I will work with you to ensure we get it exactly right, ensuring you both beautiful memories of your day. Whether you choose to elope with an intimate “Legal’s Only” ceremony, or celebrate the complete “all in, bells and whistles” event, to anything in between, I will guarantee you a heart-felt ceremony.

In general a Wedding Ceremony will last between 20-30 minutes, depending on the readings and vows you choose. You will need two witnesses over the age of 18 to witness and sign the official marriage documents, which I will then submit for you to the Birth Death and Marriages.

You will be presented with an elegant professionally printed Certificate of Marriage on the day.

Renewal of Vows

Vow renewal or re-affirmation is a beautiful ceremony many married couples choose to share, often around a significant anniversary or simply as a way of reaffirming their love for one another.

It works in a similar way to a regular wedding ceremony, just without the “legal bits”, and you may like to include friends or bridal party etc to be your witnesses.

I work in conjunction with you both to write a personal intimate ceremony, and can offer the unity candle ritual or any inclusions you wish to add.

You will be presented with a professionally printed signed certificate for your keepsake.

Commitment Ceremonies

Much like a Vow Renewal, a Commitment Ceremony is a non-legal binding ceremony, to celebrate the love of a couple. 

It resembles a complete wedding ceremony- as big or small as you like, we leave out the “legal bits” and it does not get registered as a lawful marriage. 

Again I will work with you and gain a close insight into your relationship, allowing me to write a beautiful heartfelt ceremony for you, with all the usual inclusions of vows and readings, you can even exchange rings.

You may include any rituals you like, and will be presented a professionally signed certificate as your keepsake of the day.

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a unique way of welcoming your child into the world and affirming that you and the godparents/guardians will continue to love and guide your child throughout their life.

I will write and present a personal meaningful ceremony for you which generally takes between 15-30 mins depending on what inclusions you choose, such as readings or rituals etc. It is your choice to have a purely secular event (non-religious) including readings and verses which I will supply, or more religious inclusions such as prayers and blessings.

There are so many unique and different rituals which can be chosen such as candle ceremony or balloon release, tree plantings, & petal, oil or water blessings… I am willing to work with you to give you that unique ceremony which you as a family desire.

At the end of the service you will be presented an elegant signed certificate in memory of the day and a beautiful personalised candle with your child’s name and date of event inscribed on it.

I want you to remember your ceremony with as much fondness as your entire wedding day.

Your dress, your rings, the venue, family and friends - all of this forms the essence of what makes your day so special and unique.
Your ceremony should be nothing less.

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