Sunset Ceremony-Konner & Lauren

This would have to be one of my favourite photo’s from 2021 :)Captured by the talented Karissa from @imagephotography, when Konner decided to carry his bride- barefoot and all, across the park to their ceremony. it was the most relaxed laidback ceremony, beginning with them both taking a leisurely stroll up the hill on sunset to get married, where Konner swept Laura up in his arms, wowing everyone present.

We just managed to get their “I Do’s” finalised in time as the sun gently faded behind the rolling hills of Tamworth, as they snuggled together on a rug, surrounded in candles, to sign their official paperwork. No need for signing tables or the like. Just each others arms to lean into.
It was such a romantic, love filled ceremony, and I left this one with a lightness in my heart. So great to see true love at its very best:)

I want you to remember your ceremony with as much fondness as your entire wedding day.

Your dress, your rings, the venue, family and friends - all of this forms the essence of what makes your day so special and unique.
Your ceremony should be nothing less.

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